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You and your dream
are what matters the most to us
IVF In Vitro Fertilization
Clinic Barcelona
Your case is unique,
and so are your diagnosis
and treatment

Why choose Embriogyn?

- Because of the excellent results in Ivf treatment, our In-vitro fertilization costs and the high rate of Ivf pregnancies
- Because of the prestige and vocation of our professionals and team
- Because of our close personalized care
- Because we are an in-vitro clinic in Tarragona (Spain)
- We are an in-vitro clinic located at just 90km. from Barcelona

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ivf spain
  • ivf spain

    With 8 weeks, you can be pregnant

    Without waiting lists,
    Quickly and effectively,
    With only 2 trips to the clinic.

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  • IVF Spain

    The history of Amanda, Nick & Javier.
    "We realized our dream."

    Read more about his emotional story

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  • ivf spain

    Assisted Reproduction and IVF

    If you have got this far it is because you surely need the help and support of a specialist that understands you and can advise you on the best treatment to fulfill your dream, whether it is In Vitro fertilization IVF treatment or any of the wide scope of treatments offered. In Embriogyn, we take our work very seriously, but above all, we take very seriously the concern of a woman or couple that comes to our invitro clinic in Tarragona, next to Barcelona, seeking help to have a child. Read more
  • IVF Spain

    In-vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    Basically, In-vitro Fertilization consists of putting the eggs and the sperm in contact in the lab. It is precisely called in vitro because it is a process that takes place in the lab, outside the female body. The fertilized eggs produce embryos that are transferred into the uterus where they are to continue their development and implant. IVF Spain
  • ivf spain

    The book that reflects the experience of patients

    Surely, the only way to know the journey to achieve your dream is living it yourself, but the closest to it is that someone who has already lived it firsthand explains it to you. Vull tenir un fill is that: a collection of real stories and experiences written with utmost sincerity and closeness describing the journey to become a mother through assisted reproduction Ivf treatment. Go to the web

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