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What is Embriogyn?

Embriogyn is an in-vitro clinic dedicated to Human Assisted Reproduction, In Vitro Fertilization IVF and Prenatal Diagnosis located in the province of Tarragona, next to Barcelona, - Spain. It is the only clinic specialized exclusively in Human Assisted Reproduction belonging to the private health sector and approved by the Health Department of Generalitat de Catalonia. We perform every treatment within the scope of reproductive medicine: Artificial Insemination with donor sperm and sperm from partner, in-vitro fertilization with patient’s own eggs and donor eggs, Egg Donation, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and we are in the front line of currently available technology. EMBRIOGYN first opened doors in Tarragona (90 km away from Barcelona) in 2006 formed by a group of specialists with recognized experience.

Our main objectives are to care for our patients and to make continuous improvements in all the fields of the activity to obtain the best results for our patients. For several years, EMBRIOGYN has had success rates that exceed the Spanish average (Societat Espanyola de Fertilitat) and we belong to the elite of National Reproductive Medicine. Our philosophy is based on high quality care and attention, while finding specific, personalized solutions for our patients. We make your problems our priority and do our utmost to solve them. We also believe that it is important to offer a more human type of medicine, with sensitive psychological care that takes into account the stress and emotions couples experience during this process, including the added strain of having to travel to another country. We have proved this aspect has a tremendous impact on the treatment success.

Our aim is to offer high quality service always based on professional, medical and business ethics within the current legislation.

Embriogyn is formed by a professional, multidisciplinary team with wide experience in the field of Human Assisted Reproduction and Prenatal Diagnosis who is also a referent in the sector.

We possess state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and knowledge necessary to apply every diagnostic and therapeutic technique existing today within Reproductive Medicine.

In Prenatal Diagnosis, we count on Dr Albaigés, a referent in the field, as well as on a cutting-edge tridimensional (3D/4D) ultrasound scanner that enables volumetric exploration and renders photographic representation of the human foetus inside the womb.