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Diagnostic Tests

Undoubtedly, the first contact when attending a first sterility appointment is vital to generate the empathy and trust that will be the basis of the doctor-patient relationship from that moment onwards. It is highly advised that both members of the couple attend this consultation to know and understand the common project planned. Moreover, it is important to transmit that any therapeutic alternative is focused on improving the couple’s fertility and joint cooperation of both members.

First consultation

Fecundación in vitro

It is necessary to fill out a detailed anamnesis form (medical questionnaire) to complete the medical history in order to analyse each case.

It is important that the couple goes through the process easily, reducing physical discomforts, with enthusiasm and trust on the medical team. To facilitate this, it is important to count on accurate and detailed information as well as individualized assessment of the characteristics of each couple, both at medical and personal levels focusing on their desires and fears. The gynecologist specialized in human assisted reproduction is suited to lead the fertility study as it is the woman who will undergo most of the necessary fertility treatments. The same gynecologist will be the leading doctor and will conduct all the tests to achieve an accurate and individualized diagnosis, thus increasing the efficiency of each advised treatment. The study should always begin by the assessement of the male factor as the ease of study, the frequency of alterations and the impact it may have on the therapeutic course of action thus advise. When necessary, a consultation with the specialist, the andrologyst, will be advised in order to deepen the study.