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Embriogyn opens an exhibition to hope in the process of having a child

Embriogyn opens an exhibition to hope in the process of having a child
The exhibition of 25 photographs can be seen at his clinic

Thirty people have participated in an exhibition organized and hosted by Embriogyn, a clinic dedicated to helping women who for different reasons can not have children, through assisted reproduction techniques. The photographs, with a legend written by each of the authors, can be seen entering the clinic. Of course, they are anonymous, since it is usually a taboo subject to say publicly that you have needed this service.

This is not the case of Ricard and Cion, a couple who have participated in this initiative and now have two newborn babies. Unlike other couples, they did not experience tiredness or disappointment, although they always invaded the doubt of "what if it does not go well?". Ricard believes that Embryogyn has been given the correct way: "You know the time very well". Like many other clients of this business, before arriving they were a year trying for themselves but they did not leave. In this sense, knowledge with Dr. Imma Saumell, who has followed them, made things easier, but Cion misses that there is more talk so that other women see this option and that "see things happen that you want to happen to you ". That is why it serves the exhibition, to disseminate this reality and that anyone on the street can know.
Dr. Saumell explains that apart from doing the medical treatment they also take care on an emotional level. Ten years ago the clinic is open and each year attend four hundred couples, a figure that are increasing. And it is estimated that one in five couples have fertility problems, and in this clinic say they manage to impregnate women in 95% of cases in the first technique. Of the remaining 5%, most leave because they are emotionally exhausted and others, on few occasions, technically have no more travel.