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For more effective Invitro Fertilization and better results,
Embriogyn is one of the fertility clinics that uses EMBRYOSCOPE.


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Embryo culture - the EMBRYOSCOPE

ivf spain

In 2011 EMBRIOGYN embraced the revolution in reproductive medicine incorporating the time-lapse embryo culture system, the Embryoscope. Since then, we have used the Embryoscope for all our cultured embryos and we have improved pregnancy rates around 15 to 20% thanks to the advantages brought about by this embryo culture system.

The fertilized oocytes, now embryos, are kept in culture in the incubator between 2 to 6 days before placing them back into the uterus. The embryo culture allows the invitro development of embryos whilst enabling the assessment of the evolution of each individual one. For Embriogyn, the Embryoscope is the key tool to enhance the success of this embryo culture.

ivf spain The Embryoscope is technically the most modern and advanced incubator in the market incorporating an image acquisition system that allows for the recording of the whole sequence of cellular division that occurs until day 5 or 6 of embryo development. This sequence of images provides unique, objective and truthful information for the selection of embryos with enhanced implantation potential to be transferred into the womb or for freezing. A substantial increase in clinical results derives from the combination of the Embryoscope in the embryo culture system, the reduction of embryo manipulation and the amount of information obtained from each embryo thanks to this non invasive system. This culture system enables embryologists to identify many more parameters (number of cells, cellular symetry, cellular nuclei, fragmentation, embryo kinetics, etc.) to select the embryos with the highest implantation potential.

Embriogyn was one of the first Assisted Reproduction Centers in Spain to offer such revolution to our patients and in fact, its implementation has rewritten clinical embryology at a global level.

Also, in Embriogyn we share the information gained from the Embryoscope with the patients allowing them to see their own embryos, bestowing trust and transparency to the whole process performed in the In Vitro Fertilization Lab as well as a high level of knowledge and understanding of the process by the patients

Watch for yourself the evolution of your embryos

Perfect development of an embryo with maximum quality. All cellular divisions are correct resulting in a very high quality blastocyst on day +5. This embryo has 66% implantation rate.