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Become a mother without a male partner

Over the past years, the new family models and the recognition of homosexual couples in addition to the difficulties that single women face when they desire to adopt a child has strengthened the option of solitary maternity. Around 2% to 5% of the women who seek fertility treatment do not have a male partner. Nowadays, there are more women who opt for maternity outside the traditional family model. The fertility centres care for these cases. Here, single women receive medical, biological, ethical, economic and legal information. They are informed of the results and become aware of the risks that can derive from the application of fertility techniques. Therefore, these women are fully informed by the fertility Centres, they have very clear ideas, and give a lot of thought to their decision.

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Assisted Reproduction law

The Law of Assisted Reproduction, in the article 6 of law 35/1988, of November 11, and countersigned by a later judgment of the Constitutional Court of June 17, 1999, does not compel a woman to have a partner to undergo Assisted Reproduction treatment. However, she must be of age and in good physical and psychological health.

Similar to every other type of treatment, before undergoing fertility treatment, it is necessary to carry out a basic study of fertility in the woman so as to choose the best therapeutic option. If all the tests are correct and the woman is fertile, the first therapeutic option is IAD (intrauterine insemination using donor semen), the pregnancy rates per cycle with this technique are about 25 %. In women over 35 years of age or with fertility problems, the reasonable option is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm. This technique yields 45 % pregnancy rate per cycle.

The sperm samples used come from a duly authorized Bank. The samples are kept frozen and meet the requirements established by the current law regulating Cell and Tissue Banks. The law also regulates that the Bank has to try to offer a semen sample that meets the highest similarity in regards to blood group and Rh factor and physical characteristics of the recipient. The donation of semen is a free, anonymous and non profit act performed by men over 18 years of age whose psychophysical state meets the requirements of a compulsory donor testing protocol.

The main risks of Assisted Reproduction Techniques are the same faced by any woman, because they are risks inherent to the technique itself and independent of the presence of a partner.

Single parent families seem to be the models in the future, whether it is men adopting children or women having children alone. This situation will increasingly become a reality. Being a mother with or without a partner means love for life and no woman wishing to be a mother should repress her desire because of the absence of a partner in her life.