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Nutrition Natàlia Pérez

Ms. Natàlia Pérez

Passionate about nutrition to achieve well-being and personal balance through food. Motivator and enthusiast that helps you achieve your goals through guidelines and balanced eating routines to incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition as a basis for reproductive health

We have more and more scientific evidence that nutrition is essential in maintaining a good state of health. We know that acquiring healthy eating habits helps prolong life expectancy, prevent chronic metabolic diseases and prevent the development of certain diseases as well as certain types of cancers. At the same time, considering raising a child, feeding is very important.

In Embriogyn we understand that in order to be able to take care of all the preconceptional elements it is necessary to make an assessment of all the aspects of the person who wishes to have a child. And nutrition is essential to take it into account to face a pregnancy. So the future mother as the future father is essential to take care of and care to perform good nutrition and hydration while taking care of their diet.

In recent years, several studies have been published that demonstrate the beneficial effect of good nutritional habits in the face of conception in order to maximize the possibility of getting pregnant. It should be noted that we are not just talking about avoiding certain vitamins (B12, B9 ...) deficits that are associated with neonatal malformations, but also that bad habits can affect seminal quality or ova.

In order for this food to be global and balanced, it is essential to focus on the diet that is adopted. We need to inform you about the nutrients that are most nutrient-rich that are necessary and essential to promote reproductive health beyond preconceptional pharmacological supplementation that we can take more and more.

It must be borne in mind that during pregnancy a woman will enter a period where her body will experience very important metabolic changes and that it should be well evaluated the special nutritional needs that she will require in order to favor healthy fetal growth and to avoid malformations and deficiencies in the mother and the baby.

The fact of following a food pattern, that is, a type of diet, such as the Mediterranean, has been shown in many studies that increase the percentage of pregnancy in a remarkable way. And on the other hand, foods that may interfere with the conception process have been described, either by affecting the ovulation process, reducing the possibility of implantation, the number of sperm cells or their mobility. So it is so, that Embriogyn has developed a specific diet for our ovine donors in order to maximize the quality of their eggs as well as ensuring their health.

Needless to say, there are cases where the nutrition advice will be of vital importance in order to regulate certain hormonal or metabolic mismatches such as obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, intolerance, dyslipidemia ... In these cases, you can get into the hands of A nutritionist will allow to regulate and prepare the body for a healthy gestation.

A good nutrition advice that is personalized and adapted to the needs of each person can help us improve our gestational capabilities. If, moreover, we are faced with a diagnosis of sterility or infertility, we can help you achieve our goal of being mothers through the diet that we carry along in parallel with the fertility treatment that we are developing.

Often, patients who undergo in vitro insemination or fertilization are asking what they can do to encourage treatment to succeed and become pregnant, as part of the response is in their hands: it is necessary that they follow a healthy diet, balanced and healthy.

In light of this evidence, the Embriogyn team considered it appropriate to develop the Nutrition Service, which is open to all those interested in wanting to be in the hands of a specialized nutritionist in the preconception stage (man and woman ), in pregnancy and postpartum and breastfeeding. In addition, having a good education and nutrition knowledge will be essential to be able to take care of the future baby.