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Fulfill your dream
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Fecundación in vitro


The book that reflects the experience of patients.
Surely, the only way to know the journey to achieve your dream is living it yourself, but the closest to it is that someone who has already lived it firsthand explains it to you. Vull tenir un fill is that: a collection of real stories and experiences written with utmost sincerity and closeness describing the journey to become a mother through assisted reproduction treatment.

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Emotional and psychological support

We know that your situation is not easy. Sharing your experience and feeling the support of others in the same situation can help you to cope with it. In order to pass the energy of others who have gone through this experience themselves on to you, Embriogyn has obtained their collaboration to share their experience sincerely and freely. We believe that reading these experiences in difficult times can give you the strength to keep going and finally make the miracle of life come true.

Women or couples that take the journey to maternity/paternity using Assisted Reproduction Techniques undergo a process of tests and treatments that sometimes becomes long and/or stressing. Several studies have analysed the psychological impact of sterility/infertility on the quality of life and the well-being of the people going through such situations. Hence, in Embriogyn we understand the importance that the emotional aspect holds in every step of reproductive medicine. Although it has been demonstrated that the stress level or the emotional imbalance entailed in undergoing treatment varies from individual to individual and is not present in every case, stressful situations are known to trigger certain mechanisms to alliviate the effects. These mechanisms can be either avoidance and denial or the search for solutions and positivism.

So the Embriogyn team works to motivate and encourage the couples to try to actively find ways to cope with their problems in order to reduce or avoid stress and achieve their desire to become parents with more calm and tranquility.

From the psychological point of view, a global approach is considered important to achieve the desired goal, not only from the biological or medical aspects but also from the emotional point of view with good psychological support to both members of the couple individually and jointly.

  • Anxiety during the process (insomnia, loss of appetite, stomach ache, difficulty in breathing, anguish, chest pain, crying, irascibility,etc.)
  • Obsesive behaviour during the waiting period (checking the presence of menses, staying in bed all day, excessive auto inspection, etc.)
  • Decision taking (change, for instance, to a donation treatment, moral and ethical doubts…)
  • Doubts about what information to give to these babies
  • Problems in the couple (lack of communication, of understanding, different individual perspectives, conflicting decisions,etc.)
  • Depression when it is impossible to face a negative result
  • Griefing over failed pregnancies
  • Giving up on treatment due to discouragement

These emotions destabilize quality of life during the different steps in assisted reproduction treatments.

We want to provide active listening and the necessary strategies for the couple to face diagnosis and sterility and infertility treatments in the best of spiritis giving tools and methods for the cognitive protection of people.