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The Team

The human team of EMBRIOGYN is multidisciplinary in order to cover all aspects of reproductive medicine and Prenatal Diagnosis services from every angle addressing every possible concern of our patients. The team at EMBRIOGYN also works to promote and maintain a very good work environment enhancing teamwork and thus transmitting all the support that our patients need.


  • Fecundación in vitro Pere Feliu, MD

    He is the medical director of EMBRIOGYN. He has been an infertility specialist gynecologist for more than 20 years. He is a great enthusiast of his specialty, but also stands out for his humaneness and empathy.

  • Fecundación in vitro Cèlia Vives, MD

    Cèlia Vives, MD is gynecologist specialized in infertility. She is the other pillar in the area of assisted reproduction. Friendly and able to get into the skin of the patients, works strictly for the success of each treatment. Together with Pere Feliu they form a great team to make decisions when it comes to addressing the challenges of this profession.

  • Lourdes Martin, MD


  • Fecundación in vitro Ms. Imma Saumell

    She is the director of the Laboratory at EMBRIOGYN and another pillar of the center. Reproduction biology supplements reproduction gynecology with great symbiosis and Imma is responsible for the maintenance of this close link. A tireless specialist, she is entirely dedicated to her work. She usually knows all the patients in the clinic.

  • Fecundación in vitro Ms. Teresa Planella

    She is a biologist specialized in Assisted Reproduction and the other half of the lab team. Optimism is very important to us, and Teresa, in addition to her kindness, always brings the necessary dose of optimism.

  • Fecundación in vitro Ms. Marta Castellnou

    Junior embriologist in Embriogyn. Dedicated, hard-working and detail oriented. She always works with a smile and lives her work and assisted reproduction with passion.

    Prenatal Diagnosis

  • Fecundación in vitro Gerard Albaigés, MD

    He is the gynecologist specialized and responsible for the service of Prenatal Diagnosis. He is a referent in Catalonia. He has dealt successfully with the majority of the most complicated cases. Other professionals as well as patients seeking guarantees consult Gerard Albaigés.


  • Fecundación in vitro Ms. Isabel Gallart

    Psychologist specialized in the support of couples suffering reproductive problems. She is sweet and discreet and helps patients to look to the future with hope and to face reality with courage and optimism.


  • Fecundación in vitro Ms. Ma. José Iborra

    She is responsible of the Nursing Office. She is always willing to help and lend a helping hand to both their peers and patients. She always has a smile to offer.

    Customer Service

  • Fecundación in vitro Ms. Laura Peralta

    Ms. Laura Peralta is the head of the Department of International Assistance. She handles patients’ queries and liaises with other healthcare staff. She is fully acquainted with international healthcare Systems and helps patients feel comfortable both at home as when they are in Tarragona.

  • Fecundación in vitro Ms. Vanessa Perez, Ms. Nadina Garcia and Ms. Yolanda Martinez are in charge of customer service on the phone and in person. Charming and efficient they know that consulting a clinic like EMBRIOGYN may not be easy, therefore they guide patients in the consultations and make them feel comfortable, addressing all possible questions and doubts.

  • Andrology

    We collaborate with the urologists/andrologists of
    Centro de Urología y equiplogía de Tarragona (CUAT)