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International Patients Program


  • C/ Estanislau Figueres 8 baixos,
    43003 Tarragona SPAIN
  • Ph. +34 977 24 24 51
  • F. +34 977 92 06 13
  • info@embriogyn.com

International Patients Program

The Embriogyn team believes that interpersonal contact with the patients is a very important aspect that helps build up trust and refines the whole process.

To help patients from outside Spain avoiding several trips, Embriogyn has created two programs:

For patients within the E.U., your treatment can be carried out in two visits.

To help our patients travelling long distances, outside the E.U. or those with special personal or working requirements, we have developed a program that attends your needs while reducing the strain of a long journey. Therefore, you may come to Embriogyn only once, that is, for embryo transfer.

These two programs rely heavily on professional communication between our medical team and your healthcare professionals at home all throughout the process.

For patients coming from within the European Union

First Visit

Gynaecological appointment with an infertility specialist who will be in charge of your case.

Check of the couple’s medical background.

Check of the couple’s gynaecological background (it is very important to provide all the tests done in the past).

Explanation of treatment and medication plan.

Ultrasound and physical examination of the woman.

Sperm tests. Optional: Sperm freezing (in case the male cannot be present on the day of follicular puncture).

Appointment with our biologist who will thoroughly explain to you the whole process performed at the laboratory. Meeting with administrative staff.

After the first visit, as well as before and during treatment, a close relationship with you will be maintained via email and telephone in order to remain informed of your evolution and respond to any doubt or problem that could occur.

Second Visit

Embryo transfer (a process whereby one or several embryos are placed into the uterus of the female with the intention of achieving pregnancy).

Only in the case that no sperm freezing was done on the first visit, will the couple be required to come on the day of the follicular puncture (around three days prior to the embryo transfer) in order to provide a sperm sample.

For patients coming from outside the European Union

If you live in a country that is not within the European Union, you may travel to Embriogyn only once.

Because we know about your hopes and dreams and understand the strain of a long journey we have created a International Patients Program aimed to reducing the number of visits to ONLY ONE.

In tight collaboration with your Medical Centre at home, we will remain informed of your evolution and respond to any doubt before, during and after treatment (info@embriogyn.com).

Furthermore, our Department of International Assistance will help you organize your trip and stay in Tarragona making you feel at ease and creating a lasting memory of your visit.