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Are you looking for results?
One of the clinics with best success rates
in pregnancy in Spain and Europe
IVF Spain

With 8 weeks, you can be pregnant

- Without waiting lists,
- Efficiently and professionally,
- With only 2 trips to the clinic.


1. You know your personal assistant by mail / phone.

It will be who will be by your side and will indicate all the steps to follow. It will help you with the management of medical processes such as the organization of travel (flights, transfers, hotels ..)

2. 1st Visit to the Clinic.

It is an intensive visit of around 3 hours with all your team of professionals, with the gynecologist and biologist specialists in sterility, accompanied at all times, by your personal assistant.

This first visit can also be done via Skype Prior to the visit, the professionals of the clinic will have worked and intensively studied the details of your situation.

We will be able to provide detailed action plan with all the medical indications to follow as well as the personalized budget.

3. Visit for treatment

On this occasion you can already perform the treatment. If you will not freeze the sperm sample during the first visit Embriogyn this visit can last between 4 and 6 days. In case the sperm sample is frozen we can reduce your visit in 2-3 days. During this visit you will have some appointments at the Clinic but you can also enjoy personal time to know our territory with the peace of mind that Embriogyn professionals are ensuring that your embryos are in the best conditions until the moment of transfer. You will have direct connection with your Drs and personal assistant.

4. Return home

Return home after the embryo tansference with the tranquility of a job well done and being well accompanied throughout the process. In two weeks we will confirm if you are pregnant.

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