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The freezing of ovules for work reasons doubles in Tarragona

The freezing of ovules for work reasons doubles in Tarragona
The Tarraconenses grow who vitrify ovules for social reasons to be mothers in the future. About 100 have done it. The first child is about to be born after this practice

Tarragona is about to attend the first births resulting from vitrification of ovules for social reasons. In a few days the first baby will be born after this type of freezing due to labor issues. Cryogenization was carried out in 2011 and fertilization in 2017. Personal and professional issues made the woman, who will give birth shortly, consider this technique of preservation of ovarian material to prioritize her career for a few years and to park motherhood with the maximum guarantees of having offspring in the future.

The trend has increased in recent years, and thus creates a debate for being a controversial technique from the ethical and equality prism. Is it appropriate for companies to encourage the freezing of ovules in their employees to delay having children?

Climb the professional ladder

The preservation of ovules in Spain for social reasons, basically linked to the company, has increased by 261% in the last five years, compared to 125% due to medical reasons. «We have noticed an increase in queries. It is still difficult for people to think about it but little by little they do it, and at younger and younger ages, "says Jordi Aragonés, a physician specialized in assisted reproduction and director of the Biogest clinic in Reus.

That technique used for five years to preserve fertility in women who were going through chemo, radio or certain surgeries of ovaries is a gap between the thirties tarraconenses, with a clear profile: a responsibility employment, ambition to prioritize the path professional for a few years to the detriment of the personal aspect and that threat of the biological clock and the time limit. "More and more people ask at an appropriate age, more between 30 and 35 than at 40, as was the case before," adds Aragonés. «They are people who freeze on labor issues. They have a career or they go abroad for a while. Sometimes they are girls who have had difficulties with boys and they already think that they are not going to get a partner but they do not see themselves at the moment of having children, "says Ignacio Mazzanti, director of Procrear, in Reus.

Although there are no exact figures, around 100 Tarraconenses have already opted for it. Embryogin, another of the centers, attests to the increase. If in 2016 the number of women who froze did not reach 10, in 2017 the number reached 20. It is double, despite the fact that it is a small sample and that the practice remains a minority compared to a majority that freezes for issues medical Two years ago, the total number of women who had vitrified in the province was around 40. "It's not a barrage of consultations. It is not massive, but there are more and more people who ask and, above all, it ends up materializing ", says Imma Saumell, director of the Embryogin clinic laboratory in Tarragona.

It is a late motherhood, usually linked to long professional careers, level and with some success. «The woman has many studies and a lot of work. Professional life makes you postpone motherhood, "adds Mazzanti, who admits the increase:" There are more and more cases of girls asking questions that end up doing the treatment. It is still a minority segment but increasingly broad. " In the Procrear clinic, around 10% of the freezes carried out have to do with reasons that go beyond medical or health needs.

Jordi Aragonés breaks down other characteristics of the profile: «Sometimes they are starting to rise in their professional ladder. We have some case even of someone who has come with a partner, but with an uncertain employment situation. A couple was straddling Spain and Hong Kong. She was 33 years old. They saw clearly that at least until four years from now they would not have stability ".

The business debate

The controversy about this has already reached Spain. The Club of the First Brands of the Valencian Community (around 20 companies from different sectors) announced in November that some of its members had reached an agreement with the Valencian Institute of Infertility to offer its staff advantages in the preservation of ovules.

The clinics of Tarragona do not want to enter into this debate about the supposed pressure of companies to their employees in this regard. «It's a relative pressure. What a company does is simply say: 'You can do this', and we can help you. They are offered to people who stand out as one more option », concrete Jordi Aragonés. «It is difficult to enter into these issues. Biology is what it is. The techniques are advancing as does society itself and become one more option. Actually, according to nature, the best age is 25 years and we know that very rarely happens today, "adds Mazzanti